5 Effective Ways To Increase Search Engine Optimization Of Your Site

Do you want to improve the SEO ranking of your website? Higher ranking changes the entire dynamic of your website to drive more traffic to your site. But to crack the Google ranking algorithm is almost near to impossible. We have some ultimate tips and tricks that will help you improve your reach online.

Firstly, Why is it so important to have a higher SEO ranking? Having a higher rank can change your business game. All the hard work that you have put into needs to be visible to your potential customers, and being on top will connect you to the right kind of audience that you are targeting.


Improve Your Page Loading Speed


Consumers tend to click off sites that take time to load. Both Google and Bing rank websites that are fluid and are quick to load. Here’s how you can bounce back your site speed-

  1. Image files- Usually, larger image files tend to slow your website’s loading speed. Compressing images on your site and uploading good quality relevant images can speed the loading time of your website.
  2. Script handling- Quit using JS and CSS files as they take a hefty amount of time to load

Inbound Links And Outbound Links


Linking your website on other authoritative sites to land on your piece of content boosts the rank of your site.

  1. Inbound links/Backlinks- When highly authoritative websites link your blog posts on their website it gives their users a platform to surf through your content as well. Creating fresh and relevant content will make your website link-worthy to give in-depth information about your site.
  2. Outbound links- Ever been suggested to add as many outbound links on your site as possible? Well, this just creates more distractions. Do your research and link content that you think is informative and relevant.

Mobile-Friendly Website


Most of your visitors might be opening your site from their smartphone devices rather than on a laptop. Google prefers to rank sites higher which are mobile-friendly, as according to the latest census 55% of conversions happens through mobile devices.

Having a website that is optimized for mobile users can make it easier for them to navigate on smaller screens. Build a responsive website that can readjust automatically to fit your user’s device. Make sure to increase the font size and focus on the visibility of your content to improve user experience.

Broken Links and duplicate


No one likes seeing a 404 error after clicking on a link, right? Broken links lead to a negative impact on the ranking of your website. Fix this issue as Google sees them as a neglected or non-functional website. Uses tools like the Google Webmaster tool to ensure your site is free of any broken links.

Improve Readability


Having an easy to read and engaging content helps your users to understand your message. You don’t want your visitors to click off from your site with the overwhelming information that you’re feeding. Keep your content simple and fresh to enhance the ranking of your site.

Keywords play a vital role when it comes to improving your content, but stuffing keywords for the sake of ranking can limit your chances. It is preferred to write content that has a key phrase density of 15-20%. Remember that you are writing content for people and not for ranking purposes.