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What is an AMC ?

An AMC is an annual maintenance contract that details the maintenance services you can avail of for a particular product or service.


Why Should I Get an AMC ?

Getting a business online is a feat in itself. As time goes on, some issues might pop up or your website will require regular maintenance. There is a chance that you might not notice these issues and once ignored, the problem might snowball into something huge and troublesome. 

Therefore, to prevent such situations from occurring, it is best to leave it to the experts to detect and fix these issues. The file backed up will be used to restore everything that was lost in case of a breach. Minor inconsistencies are monitored and will be resolved as they happen.

What is covered with the Arcitech AMC ?

Customer service

Ticket based service request system

Optimize product performance

Minor inconsistencies are monitored and will be resolved as they happen.

Bug fixing

Minor inconsistencies are monitored and resolved as they happen.

Software upgrades

We upgraded your website to the latest version.


When it comes to internet products, there is a possibility that it is prone to attacks by malware, hackers or the occasional server crash. All your data may be wiped clean with no trace when either of these situations occur. To be prepared for every situation, you need to back your data up to the cloud regularly. The data that was lost in case of a breach can be restored with our backed up file.

What You Get With the Arcitech Backup Package?

Backup of your data

Automatic monthly backup of all your data

Monthly Backups

Takes place on the 5th of every month


Restored with the last backup in case of data loss


Want to get a website, software, or app for your business but don’t have a server or not sure where to store your data? With Arcitech’s web hosting services, you need not worry about this anymore. All of our client’s projects are hosted on premium industry leading servers to ensure fast and reliable connections so your website and app run smoothly.

*Please note that while the website may be secured by an SSL, we are not responsible for any security or data breaches by third parties

Unlimited Space*

Get unlimited space for your website, software, app for your business.

Unlimited Bandwith

Get unlimited bandwidth for your website, software, app for your business.

Unlimited Database

Get unlimited database for your website, software, app for your business.

Get your project done today!

Get your project done today!

1. Arcitech AMC does not cover: Backups – please check out our backup package to avail of this service. 2. Additional features – features added on to the project after deployment would be chargeable based on the time and team required to develop that particular feature.
2. Arcitech Backup does not cover: AMC – check our AMC package for this service 2. Hosting – check our hosting plans for this service 3. Bug Fixing – check our AMC package for this service.
3. What we do not cover in Hosting: Bug Fixing – Please refer to Arcitech AMC for bug fixing services. 2. Backups.- Please refer to Arcitech Backup for this package.
*Please note: Unlimited space is calculated as per project size developed by Arcitech. Any additional features which may affect the space required for the project shall be billed additionally. The above-mentioned cost is calculated monthly and billed annually in advance. Any errors caused by the client’s server shall not be covered under Arcitech AMC.

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