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Looking to hire app developers for remote or in-office projects? Our app developers are experienced in AngularJS and ReactJS. Connect with our expert HTML5 developers who build top-notch, ready-to-use applications at competitive rates. Our HTML5 app developers are available for hire on an hourly or full-time basis depending on your project requirements. Contact us if you want to hire our HTML5 developers or if you want to build a team of HTML5 app developers along with a project manager and UI designers.

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    HTML5 App Development Services

    Arcitech provides end-to-end customisable services for your business’s HTML5 app development needs. Our expert team builds intuitive applications that are compatible with all devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and smart TVs.

    HTML5 App Development

    Our app developers use cutting-edge technology paired with their hands-on experience to develop cross-platform apps. They are Robust and have an amazing experience in UI and are constantly updated with trends and latest updates, which helps them to fit in your business's specific requirements

    Skilled HTML5 Developers

    Our HTML5 developers are available for hire on an hourly and per-project basis. They have hands-on experience in all HTML5 frameworks.

    HTML5 Consulting

    We provide HTML5 consultation services for your business’s existing mobile applications. We offer suggestions on the best way to create a cross-platform app for your business.

    HTML5 Game Development

    Our HTML5 game developers design gaming apps that are compatible with all devices and with a keen eye on detail and also perform well.

    HTML5 App Porting

    Instead of building a new app for a new platform, you can opt for mobile app porting. Here, we will make changes to your existing app to be compatible with a different operating system. We offer app porting services for iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows Phone.

    Product Development

    Hire Arcitech as your product development team. We offer high-quality end-to-end technological development services.

    Arcitech’s team of experienced HTML5 developers prioritise quick and dependable results. Our developers have expertise in HTML5 studio, C# and ASP.NET. Armed with strong technical knowledge and hands-on experience, they are adaptive to the requirements and standards of different industries. Our HTML5 developers function as an important part of our clients’ product development team. They work on a full-time or hourly basis for hire depending on our clients’ needs.

    Arcitech’s team of 300+ experts paired with our HTML5 app development team work together seamlessly to turn clients’ visions into reality. This includes creating robust cross-platform applications and games.

    Benefits of HTML5 App Development

    HTML5 is the fifth iteration of HTML 1.0. HTML is a language that is used to display content on web pages across the World Wide Web and is supported by almost all web browsers and comes with many advanced features.


    Apps developed using HTML5 use only one code. It is enough to function efficiently across multiple platforms and devices, thereby saving time and money.

    Easy to Learn

    Most developers already have good knowledge of the features and functioning of HTML. That is why it is easy for them to build robust cross-platform mobile applications.

    Easy to Use

    Users are always presented with the latest version of the App as they are developed using HTML5 and do need to be updated manually: This has proven to be beneficial to both the app developers as well as end-users.

    Offline Browsing

    Apps developed using HTML5 can be accessed offline. This is because HTML5 supports local storage of web application code and content, letting users access these web apps without an internet connection.