Arcitech Partnership Program​

Through the Arcitech Partnership Program, we invite partnerships with marketing agencies, technology companies and regional agents. We partner with companies irrespective of their size and scale of business. Arcitech’s team develops top-quality websites, apps and software for our partners. We function as an extension of our partner’s technology department or become their technology team. Presently, we have partnerships with 150 companies in the USA, UK, UAE and India.

The Team Powering Arcitech

Arcitech’s team of 300+ professionals is located across India and the U.S.A. Our team consists of skilled technological developers, astute business and marketing strategists as well as efficient project managers. Arcitech’s team has a combined work experience of over 20 years in 25+ industries. 

How the Partnership Program works

Potential Partners! Now is the time for you to read closely. We’re going to break down how the partnership model works in 7 steps:

  1. Register yourself as an Arcitech partner on our website. 
  2. Once registered, our team will train you or your team on how to process a lead from start to finish.
  3. Arcitech also provides document support. We help you draft an agreement between your clients and your company, structure payment terms, delivery schedule etc.
  4.  Next, Arcitech will sign an agreement with you (our registered partners) after deciding the scope of work of the project.  
  5. On completion of all the necessary paperwork, Arcitech’s team will start working on the project. 
  6. Once the product is delivered successfully, your company can sell it to the client under your name. You can mention Arcitech only if you want to. 
  7. Lastly, once all the payments are cleared, you will receive a commission based on your partnership level.
We provide thorough customer service and are available 24×7 for any kind of support-related service.

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