Different Types of E-commerce websites

Years back, business was done straightforwardly. However, over a period of time, a lot has evolved, and the way of doing business is no exception.  In current times, you don’t even have to step out of your house. You do not go to the product; the product comes to you!

What are e-commerce websites?

As fancy as it sounds, E-Commerce is indeed a magical route for businesses who want to reach a broad audience through a single medium. It is a win-win situation for both the vendor and the buyer. How? Well, as a customer/consumer, you get everything at your doorstep, and as a vendor, you are no longer limited to a specific place. Your products and services can now be availed anywhere, irrespective of location.

 Hence, an e-commerce website is quite simply an internet market. You display your products and services and wait for people to buy them from you via the internet. Interestingly, many e-commerce business models have developed through the years depending upon who buys and who sells. For example, B2C, B2B, C2C, C2B are a few popular e-commerce business models.

Types of e-commerce websites

Many ecommerce websites are floating all over the internet. Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Myntra, and many more. Ever wondered how one is different from the other? Well, scroll below, and you will understand all about the different types of ecommerce websites!

●     Single Vendor: In a single vendor website, an online business or a company creates a website for their products and services. This is commonly known as a vendor-specific website. Most companies or online businesses have this type of website maintained so that their customers can shop through them directly.

●     Multiple Vendors: A multiple vendor website consists of products from the website owner and products from other companies. Businesses join hands to boost their sales by selling them on various platforms, and the website owner keeps a share of those sales profits.

●     Marketplaces: Market spaces are unconfined platforms, i.e., there is no restriction regarding which business can sell their products. Any manufacturer can set up and sell their products on websites like these and make it a successful online business. Even vendor-specific website owners keep their products available on marketplaces for additional marketing and sales.

Doing online business can make your brand more visible globally and if you are a businessperson and want to go online, how do you start? Well, firstly, you need to look for an agency that can make a website for your business in a hassle-free way! Luckily for you, we have a few suggestions about those agencies who are doing some fantastic work and are building really beautiful e-commerce websites for their clients.

Indusnet Technologies, Webcraft India and Arcitech– these are changing the game in the digital world. 

IndusNet Technologies is a giant company focused at making businesses better by technology-driven solutions. By using big data and analytics, they strive to derive business solutions by studying the data in hand. They have their hands in website development, app development and many more services.

Webcraft India is a company that will help you create a website for your business and an application for it as well. They are stunning at what they do and their work will not disappoint you!

Arcitech, a company aimed at taking your business digital, is a pro at creating an e-commerce store, app and software for your business. Arcitech’s team consists of professionals from the top IT universities and experience in working for multinational clients who are oozing with energy and some over-the-top ideas accelerating your growth as a business. Arcitech also has a large marketing department that will help market your website and products after development.

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