5 Important points for Responsive Websites

In this age of responsive websitescreative website designers are always looking to create a sharp, intuitive, and user-friendly website. The onus of making it appear high on the search engine rankings is also often on these creative website designers.

Since the internet is flooded with so many hacks about website design, we decided to put together a practical guide to building responsive websites.

1.Plan your website

It is important to plan your website keeping the end-user in mind. It is advised that creative website designers spend enough time just planning the structure and navigation of the website. Responsive websites are designed to provide visitors all the information they seek. However, it is important to present this information in an interesting and organized fashion.

2.Create and test Responsive prototypes

As your website starts shaping up, ensure to create some quick responsive prototypes and validate them with real users. This validation will help you uncover website failure points early. These prototypes can also be reviewed with your stakeholders.

3. Website Performance is Key

For consumer-based websites, the standard response time for a good website is less than 2 seconds. Therefore, it is important that you keep your website fast-paced by inserting images that load quickly. You must also ensure that the website is not overpopulated with too many animations and high graphics. These elements significantly slow down the performance of your website and hinder the experience. After all, users prefer that you keep things minimalistic on your site.

4. Design for all Form Factors

Gone are the days when a website is accessed only on desktop browsers. Mobiles and tablets are the preferred way for accessing the web today. A website is considered a responsive website only when it works on all devices. You must factor In all devices while planning your website itself.

5. Typography is Important. Period.

As a creative website designer, you must ensure to focus on font size, line height, and width to fit well on screens of all sizes. It is important that you pick highly legible fonts, especially for vital pieces of text like navigation labels.

5 Important points on responsive websites.

In summary, responsive websites take a lot of planning and effort to get right. It is important that your website is centered around your user. Frequent and early validation with users is imperative and so is the focus on the minute nuances like typography and choice of colors.

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